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Metal Polishing Services in West Yorkshire
At Park Metal Polishing Ltd, we offer a comprehensive range of metal polishing and fabrication services across the UK. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, we have built a reputation for trust and reliability.

Quality Metal Finishing By Experts

If you are looking for a wide range of quality metal finishing services in West Yorkshire, get in touch with Park Metal Polishing Ltd. From flat bar and box section to round bar and tube, we offer multiple finishes on a wide range of metals. With a quick response time, you can always rely on our skilled polishers for a swift but efficient metal finishing service. At Park Metal Polishing Ltd, we also offer hand polishing for smaller items such as glass clips, spinnings, brackets and more. Metals can also be polished to R.A Readings on request by clients. We check all our finishes with an RA Metre to ensure the highest quality.
Polished metal stairs in Yorkshire

Our Metal Polishing Services Include:

Angle: Inside and outside faces are polished simultaneously resulting in a uniform finish. Edges can also be polished. We offer satin and bright finishes. Maximum size – 125mm.

Box Section: We offer satin and bright finishes for box section. Rolled corners can be polished to blend in with the faces. Maximum size – 150mm Sq.

Plates & Staircase Stringers: We can polish a range of profiles for satin and bright finishes. Edges can be polished too. Maximum size – 900mm Wide.

Flat Bar: Satin & Bright finishes are available when polishing flat bar. On larger sized flat bar when there is a rolled edge, the finishes can be blended in. Maximum size – 900mm wide.

T-Section: Polished similarly to angle, we offer satin and bright finishes. T-Section can be polished all over or part polished when specified. Maximum size – 100mm.

Tubes & Rods: With our centre-less polisher, we can cover any type of finish on most cylindrical surfaces, from dull to mirror.

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