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Aluminium Polishing in West Yorkshire
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For satin and bright finishes on most cylindrical pieces, we have the latest machinery including a tube polisher. Our range also includes two flat-bed grinders for plates and many profiles where a consistent uniform finish is needed. We can polish the inside and outside faces of an angle simultaneously creating a consistently even finish. We also have the latest buffing machines for those jobs that require the brightest of finishes. Alongside our heavy duty machinery, we have a variety of small hand-polishing machines that enable us to polish smaller components.
Aluminium Polishing in Yorkshire

Personalised Polishing Service

At Park Metal Polishing Ltd, we offer a wide range of metal finishes to meet your requirements, and our experts will take the time to discuss your individual needs. We work to a high standard resulting in a good customer base and an excellent reputation for reliability. All of our work is fully insured and guaranteed for your peace of mind.
Metal polishing machinery in Yorkshire

We Specialise In:

• 2 x Bar Machines For Flat Bar, Angle, T-Section & Box Sections
• 2 x Flat-bed Grinders For Wide Plates & Large Box Sections
• 2 x Centreless Tube Grinders For Tube & Pipes
• 1 x Buffing Through Feed For Bright Or Mirror Polishing Of All Stock Lengths
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